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Key High Lights of the Program :

Here is what you will Learn inside the Course:

Overview | Understanding

            Psychology Behind Ads
            About Meta Platforms
            Facebook Page creation & Optimization
            Group Creation and Optimization
             How to Create Instagram Account as a Professional
             Instagram growth strategy
             How Facebook’s algorithm works
             Shop Creation & Product Listing

Core Module | Facebook Ads

             Introduction of Facebook Ads
             How Facebook Charges
             Facebook Ads Strategy  Which Marketers are using
             Facebook Ad Strategy for winning result
             Bidding Strategies
             Facebook Ads Auction

Core Module | Business Manager Account

             3 Foundation Pillars for your Ads
             Facebook Ads Policies
             Business Manager Account Creation
             Ad Account Structure
             Best Structure to Follow Business Manager Account
             Domain Verification
             Special Ad Categories
             Campaign Spending Limit
              Ad Scheduling

Core Module | Targeting

                 Types of Audience Temperature
                  Location Targeting (Include/Exclude)
                  Languages and Connections
                  Demographic Targeting
                  Interest Targeting
                  Behaviour Targeting
                  Dynamic Creative
                  Detail Targeting expansion
                  Narrow audience
                  How to find Hidden Facebook Audience
                  Facebook Ads Spying & Research

Advance Module | Content Types

                  Single Image/Video Ad
                  Carousel Ad
                  Collection Ad
                  Playble ad
                  Instant Experience

Advance Module | Goals & Objective (Updated)

                   Awareness  – Reach
                   Awareness – Brand Awareness
                   Awareness  – Video Views
                   Traffic – Link Clicks
                   Traffic – Landing Page View
                   Engagement – Message
                   Engagement – Video Views
                   Engagement – Like, Comment & Share
                   Leads –  Instant Form
                   Leads –  Messages
                   Leads – Calls
                   Leads –  Sign Ups
                   App Promotion – App Install
                   App Promotion -app Events
                   Sales – Conversions
                    Sales – Catalog sales
                     Sales – Messages
                     Find Your Objective

Specialization | Copywriting | Graphics

                      Understanding Copywriting
                      Copywriting Tools
                       Copywriting Formula
                       Ad Creative Designing Tools (5 Tools Explained)
                       Graphics Designing with Canva

Specialization | Auto chatbot on messenger

                       Introduction of Messenger Marketing
                       Tools for Messenger Marketing
                        Messenger Marketing Sequence Concept One
                        Messenger Marketing Sequence Concept Two

Specialization | Remarketing

                       Pixel Code setup and Conversion Code setup
                       Custom Audience with Website/page/video/App Concept One
                       Custom Audience with Website/page/video/App Concept Two
                       Remarketing with Pixel Code
                       Remarketing with Customer data (Email list/Phone Number)
                       How to Handle Negative Comments on Your Ad

Mastery | Scaling & Reports

                        Scaling Facebook Ads (CBO)
                         Why Facebook Campaign Fails
                         Scaling Facebook Ads (Ad set & Ad Level)
                         Custom Column Dashboard
                         True Optimization (Reports
                         Automated Rules

Final Words

                            How to Price of Your service
                            Facebook Ads Checklist
                            How to Approach with Client and make money with freelancing
                            Freelancing with Fiverr & Upwork

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Generally 10000/

Today's Price (85% Discount)
Only Rs. 1499/-

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Q: Is it a recorded course or a live course?
A: It’s a recorded course which will be given to you in a LMS. On Fee Payment, you will receive username and password using which you can watch all the modules in one go.
Q: Will You get lifetime access to the Videos?
A:Yes,you will get access to the Videos for a Lifetime, you can watch at any time you like.
Q: How will You get support for your Questions?
A: We have a dedicated Facebook group for students, where you can ask as many questions as you like.
Q: How will You benefit from the Course?
A: There are enormous benefits of the course but here are the ones that are predominant:
Student: You learn a new skill and getting a job in Media Buying is huge. It’s also considered as one of the highest-paying jobs
Working Professionals: Promotion, Promotion, Promotion; ever wanted to get a better salary hike and handle revenue-generating channels for your organization? This is it,Facebook Ads Course is for you
Business Owners: More Customers; that’s the #1 thing it will do for you. This course will help you to find ways to reach out to the right audience with the right message which in turn is going to give you more customers
Entrepreneurs: The best way to test market your idea in a budget-friendly manner is via Facebook Ads. It gives you initial validation and not just that. Facebook Ads help you to scale your business faster and efficiently.
Q: Can You download the videos?
A: The Videos are shared in the member’s area, you cannot download them however you can watch it anytime you want – any number of times you want. All you need is a Mobile/Laptop and an Internet connection.
Q: Got more questions?
A: Please write to us at sakdigitaluniversity@gmail.com | support@sakdigitaluniversity.com  and we will take care of your queries.
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